SeamWebAppGen is a development tool that provides guidance to programmers for developing Web applications with minimum effort and time.

Why SeamWebAppGen ?

The majority of the Web applications are based on lists of business objects that need to be created, edited, deleted, presented, searched, printed, etc., but also related to other objects. These functions applied to business objects, in most instances, represent the prevailing part of the functional content of Web applications.

This is the area in which SeamWebAppGen can help by producing code automatically, in response to specifications provided by programmers, and by providing hooks to insert custom code developed on purpose, to satisfy specific functional requirements. SeamWebAppGen is, then, a web applications generator tool that enables quick and easy development (generation) of Web based applications.

In more details, the objectives of this tool are:
  1. Accelerate time-to-market and minimize the effort required for the development and testing of Web based applications;
  2. Provide hooks for easy insertion in the Web applications of custom functional code, developed on purpose for each application;
  3. Attain maximum transparency of the underlying technologies to developers.


In terms of underlying technologies applications generated by SeamWebAppGen makes use of the following:

  1. JSF 2.1;
  2. JBoss SEAM;
  3. JBoss RichFaces;
  4. EJB 3.0;
and they can be deployed on the JBoss Application Server (4.x).

06/07/2008 release 0.3 is out - Let's have a try !
  • Many new features
  • Many bugs have been fixed in both generator and Eclipse Plug-in
  • Now supports Seam 2.0.2.SP1 and RichFaces 3.2.1
05/10/2008 release 0.2 is out
  • Linux and Windows Installer
  • Tutorials updated to Windows
04/22/2008 release 0.1 is out


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